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Our Organisation

“The Philox” is an independent media organisation having its office in Jaipur, Rajasthan. “The Philox” is not a corporate or political interest-driven organisation. We try to cover the unexplored narratives through journalism, content creation and write-ups. We are active on our social media handles. We have a YouTube channel with a decent viewership base and regular content.

We are firmly committed to journalism standards, diversity and inclusivity. Our main vision is to take diverse community issues into mainstream platforms and depict the content in a manner that is appealable to the general masses

What makes us different from others is our vision of taking unexplored narratives on our platform. These narratives are not explored as this does not increase the viewership of our mainstream media.

India is the most diverse region in the world. We have a lot to explore. We are not constrained by content or perspectives but by resources. Being a digital platform gives us leeway to go with the non-traditional mechanisms.

We have a team of experts including practitioners like Medical Doctors and Practising Advocates. The practical domain of their work adds a lot to our platform. Our website has been regularly overhauled and updated by a technical team of “Kairoverse”. We have professional video editors and news analysts.

Our first write-up was about our “vision of starting this platform” which you can check from the following link:- https://www.thephilox.com/articles/journey-to-the-unexplored-narratives

Our Website Forum

“The Philox” is a forum for discussions through op-eds, essays, articles and any other relevant write-ups. The platform is not an “echo chamber”. We allow diverse ideas and beliefs immaterial of the fact that they are anti or pro-establishment.

We accept both minority and majoritarian perspective, given that they are not hurting sentiments of any community and does not excite disaffection towards any particular ethnicity, religion, caste, creed or gender.

We intend to provide analysis of diverse and democratic perspectives and not limited to trending ones. Please consider supporting us by following us on our social media handles.

PS: - We will start soon our subdomain in Hindi language for a wider reach. We are looking for Hindi writer as well.

Technical Team

Our website has been designed and coded by a generous team of“Kairoverse”. They are useful for “fund constrained platforms” like ours. You can bother them at contact@kairoverse.com for similar projects.

For any suggestions and inputs mail us at contact@thephilox.com
Check our Social Media handles and YouTube Channel.