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If you have any story idea, perspective, report correction on our platform or have any suggestions and feedback then write to us at or

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We are looking for someone with all the “cliché adjectives” to be a part of our team.

The first month will be an assessment internship after which paid internship will be offered. The job will be offered on the basis of performance.

  1. We are currently looking for a content creator with specialised knowledge of news analytics and must have relevant experience in writing articles, essays and blogs.
  2. Video editor having relevant skills pertaining to the videos uploaded on “ThePhilox” YouTube channel.
  3. Hindi writer for our website forum

Job Requirement

On the basis of performance during internships.

Technical Team

Our website has been designed and coded by a generous team of “Kairoverse”. They are useful for “fund constrained platforms” like ours. You can bother them at for similar projects.

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