Submission Guidelines

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Our platform allows varieties of write-ups like articles, essays, blogs, op-eds etc. throughout the year.

We appreciate the contributions of students, academics, and practitioners on diverse topics. The write-up can also be a critical piece on any of our posts.


  1. The Philox is not a descriptive news platform. The write-ups must be analytical and perspective based.
  2. Write-up up must not be a paraphrasing of any news item. The idea is to promote an analytical view of any particular topic.
  3. There is no maximum or minimum limit to the length of the content but 400-1500 words are preferable
  4. The write-up has to strictly adhere to anti-plagiarism guidelines. If any content of your write-up is found to be plagiarised then you will be barred from any post on our platform.
  5. Any content taken from other sources has to be duly hyperlinked or cited in uniform citational methods.
  6. Goes without saying that submission must be grammatical-error-free. Gender-neutral write-ups will be appreciated.
  7. Category includes but is not limited to Politics, Law and Public Policy, Finance, Explainer (any technical issue), Technology, Sports etc.
  8. We accept both minority and majoritarian perspective, given that they are not hurting sentiments of any community and does not excite disaffection towards any ethnicity, religion, caste, creed or gender.
  9. Briefly tell us about yourself and share links to your active social media handles.

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