Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan Confirm Divorce, Ending an Era of Glamorous Union

Bollywood icons Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan have officially announced their divorce, marking the end of their high-profile marriage. The couple, known for their private lives, has not disclosed the reasons behind their decision, leaving fans and the media to speculate on the details surrounding their separation.


Ranveer Allahabadia's Secret Propaganda

Ranveer Allahabadia, a prominent figure in the Indian digital content creation space, has been making waves with his podcast, where he now hosts guests with pro-government and pro-BJP ideologies. (From The Philox)


Samdish Bhatia: Unfiltered Journalism Redefining the Narrative

His recent interviews with prominent figures like BJP's Temjem Imna Along and Omar Abdullah have been widely praised for their depth and unbiased nature. Samdish's skill lies in his ability to entertain while also holding those in power accountable—a rare combination in today's media landscape.


Nora Fatehi and Aryan Khan are getting Married.

The rumor mill is buzzing with speculation about the wedding between Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan's son, Aryan Khan, and the talented actress and dancer, Nora Fatehi.


Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill's Secret Engagement Breaks the Internet

Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill have reportedly been in a relationship for quite some time now, and according to unofficial sources, they have taken the decision to get married.


Gukesh, India's No. 1 Chess Player, Battles the Odds Without Sponsorship

Gukesh continues to pursue his passion for chess without any sponsorship. In a world where sports stars often secure lucrative endorsements, Gukesh's journey stands out as a testament to his sheer dedication and love for the game.


Unmasking Ashneer Grover: The Controversial Rise of a Youth Icon

While Ashneer Grover may have gained popularity as the founder of Bharat Pe and presents himself as a youth icon, there are significant concerns regarding his priorities and behavior. His relentless focus on wealth, involvement in the betting industry, toxic behavior have cast a shadow on his image as an inspirational figure.


Praggnanandhaa: A Brilliance that Illuminated the Chess World

The magnitude of Praggnanandhaa's impact was evident in the staggering numbers that accompanied his journey. The live viewership of the finals on crossed the two-lakh mark, while the overall viewership surpassed an astonishing one million

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Open Letter to CLAT Consortium for Challenges of Legal Passages

Last year's instance of a highly technical concept like 'Res Judicata' being included as a passage highlights the challenge faced by students. While the inclusion of advanced legal concepts is not inherently problematic, the depth and complexity of these passages might need to be reevaluated


Excitel Broadband Services Under Fire for Alleged Fraudulent Practices in Jaipur

Excitel Broadband Services, a prominent internet service provider in Jaipur, is facing severe backlash from numerous customers who claim to have fallen victim to the company's alleged fraudulent practices. Customers have reported that the company has been taking substantial security deposits and subsequently failing to refund them upon disconnection requests. A


The Success of "Labour Law Advisor" YouTube Channel

At the heart of the "Labour Law Advisor" (LLA) YouTube channel's appeal lies its distinctive approach to delivering crucial information. Unlike traditional presentations of legal matters, LLA blends education with entertainment, making even the most complex legal jargon accessible to the common man.


Rahul Gandhi disqualified from Lok Sabha consequent to his conviction in defamation case

The decision to disqualify Gandhi from the Lok Sabha was made by the Speaker, who cited the court's verdict as grounds for the action. However, many have pointed out that this move appears to be hasty and potentially unconstitutional.

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Abhi and Niyu's obsession with Pakistan

Their last six videos, three have been focused on Pakistan. While the duo has an equal role in building their brand, it is evident that Niyu has been sidelined on many occasions


The Dark Reality of the Legal Field and Law Firms in India

Interestingly, coaching institutes for the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) heavily advertise the lucrative job opportunities in law firms, trapping parents and students in a web of corporate placement. Behind the glamour lies a dark reality of toxic working environments.


Jaipur's Private School Cartels | Pre Fixing and Fees Collusion

The schools "The Philox" surveyed include VSPK International, Narayana School, British International School, Jankidevi public school and others. Fee collusion and pre-fee fixing have become a major concern for parents in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Swiggy's "Hinduphobic Holi" Advertisement Controversy

Many interpreted the Swiggy advertisement as an attack on the Hindu religion and its practices. This led to calls for a boycott of the popular food delivery app, as well as demands for an apology.


Ketto's Bombardment on Youtube Ads : The Ethics of Graphic Crowdfunding Ads

While Ketto's ads may be well-intentioned, their use of graphic images may come across as manipulative to some users. The constant bombardment of these ads on YouTube can cause distress to users who are sensitive to such imagery.


Dhruv Rathee's Courageous Critique of BJP's Relationship with Adani

Dhruv Rathee in his video points out that Adani's rise to power and wealth has been facilitated by his close connections with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.


Possible Divorce on the Cards for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma: Reports Suggest Marriage Not Working Out

The news of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's possible divorce has saddened their fans, who have been rooting for their relationship. According to sources, the couple has been having differences for a while now, and they have been trying to work things out.

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Paper Leaks, Internet Shutdowns and Ashok Gehlot (Love Triangle)

Elections are approaching in Rajasthan and frequent internet clampdowns and the paper leak will definitely impinge upon the political image of Ashok Gehlot let government.


Privacy Concerns Raised as Google Street View Returns to India

Last year Google secretly launched its services in India without any hue and cry. 99% of India’s population is still not aware of the features and its potential ramifications. The 99% population and the remaining 1% may not be aware of the fact that Google is taking pictures of their homes with such precision that you can count even rims on your windows. 


Twitter India Faces Criticism for Phone Verification Issues

Twitter has been facing a lot of criticism lately for its phone verification process in India. Many users in India have reported that the social media giant's phone verification process is not working with any of the Indian telecom operators. As a result, many users are unable to claim Twitter's Blue Tick, which mandates phone verification.


Farhad Samji to ruin Hera Pheri 3

The title of the write-up looks appropriate with "to ruin" instead of "to direct". Farhad has previously ruined many high-budget movies. No one wants the same fate as their favorite Hera Pheri series.

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Sarthak Goswami: The YouTuber Decoding Complex News with Humor and Integrity

Sarthak's content is unique in that he takes current news events and breaks them down in a way that is both entertaining and informative. He adds humor to his videos, making them more engaging and fun to watch. This approach has won him a large following on YouTube, with many viewers tuning in regularly to watch his latest content.


AAP’s Freebies are Worsening Punjab’s Financial Health

In a state with accumulated loans of close to Rs 3 lakh crore and almost heading towards bankruptcy owing to reliance on doles in election years, the government is recklessly fulfilling its poll promises of free electricity, water and other freebies at the cost of the state exchequer.


Youtubers like Abhi and Niyu are Misleading You

Their recent video on Adani was like coming from the Adani enterprises itself. They have skillfully defended the Adani enterprises while simultaneously negating the conclusion of the Hindenburg report. The craftsmanship of this duo to sound neutral is terrific. But carefully analysing their content you will doubt their impartiality. 

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Exclusive Interview | "Save the Children" : Insights from Geeta Lama

We at are honored to have had the opportunity to interview Geeta Lama, National Media Manager, Save the Children. She shares insights of the NGO with "The Philox".

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Exclusive Interview | 'Jesse February' : Africa's Chess Champion

We at "The Philox" are honored to have had the opportunity to interview South Africa's No.1 chess player 'Jesse February' and share her journey and insights with our readers (especially in her favourite month 'February' :).


Ambani's “Firstpost”: A Mouthpiece for Modi Government

This brings us to another notable point to consider in the discussion of Firstpost's editorial stance is that Mukesh Ambani's controlled media outlets, including Firstpost, have a reputation for consistently praising the Narendra Modi government and rarely, if ever, criticizing its policies.


What about Adani's ₹ 60,000 Crore Pledged For Social Causes on his Birthday?

Hindenburg report, which accuses the Adani Group of decades of brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud, has added an extra layer of urgency to the issue of the 60,000 crore Rupee donation. The report has raised serious questions about the integrity of the Adani Group's financial practices and the way in which the company operates.


Exclusive Interview | Chess Journalist and Photographer 'David Llada' with 'The Philox'

David Llada is a famous chess journalist and photographer. He shares his view on the popularity of chess in India, challenges in chess journalism, his magnum opus etc. with 'The Philox'.


Dhruv Saxena, open source developer, shares his expertise on 'ChatGPT' with 'The Philox'

Dhruv Saxena, a tech expert in AI and Machine Learning, shares his expertise on ChatGPT and other pertinent queries. He has written extensively on AI and Machine Learning and presented scores of academic papers at various international and national conferences and seminars. He is an open-source developer.


Being Republic for India is a Far Cry

We have free and fair elections that allow us to democratically choose our representatives, but in reality, there is no guarantee that they would genuinely represent our interests on assuming office, as money and muscle power are increasingly determining electoral outcomes


Exclusive Interview with Georgian Fide Master “Lile Koridze”

Read our exclusive interview with "Lile Koridze" where she talked about her chess streams, collaborations with Indian Streamers, Cheating Scandals and much more.


Trends like #BoycottPathan mirrors our Society’s mentality

This benefits the politicians too as now the topic of discussion is not poverty, unemployment or corruption but the movie gossip. WhatsApp forwards and unreliable platforms are the sources of these discussions. In some manner this helps the government (the contemporary one) in making sure communalism thrives in society from which they can reap in political benefits.


Wrestlers against the Wrestling Federation of India | Phogat Sister's New "Dangal"

A three-time Commonwealth Games medallist and an Olympian, Ms Babita Phogat is the youngest of Phogat sisters whose lives inspired the Bollywood movie 'Dangal'.


How India fell in love with outgoing New Zealand PM "Jacinda Ardern"

She was a leader of a small nation who reached celebrity status with the speed of a pop star especially in India. Many political leaders have praised her style of governance and for blatantly calling out racism and attacks on minority. Many wished for similar governance style to be carried out in India as well.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-15 at 8.50.01 PM (1).jpeg

Exclusive interview with “Anmol Malhotra”, founder of “Newsahoot”

Anmol Malhotra is a graduate of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law. He has previously worked in a corporate law firm. He decided to leave his corporate job in pursuit of entrepreneurial ambitions. Do read an exclusive interview of Mr. Malhotra with “The Philox”. 


Media Coverage of Hockey World Cup, 2023 : Sorry State of Affairs

The idea of this write up is not to delve into factual matrix concerning the Hockey world cup. But, the dark objective reality of mainstream media’s lack of interest in this Hockey World Cup. The media which all the time boasts of patriotism does not evince interest in the National Sport of India that too hosted by India.


Toxicity of Indian Pharma's Cough Syrup

The question that arises is then how come parents easily administer the cough syrup to their children. There are lots of doubts at play. Does this syrup even works? Many health experts discourage use of Cough Syrup without consulting a Doctor. But you visit any physician with ‘cold and cough’ symptoms and you will be most of the times prescribed with a cough syrup.


What the hell is Golden Globe Awards?

Many mistake this award as Oscar or Academy Awards. Not on the same pedestal as oscars still the Golden Globe holds a very prestigious position to invite the attention of our PM Modi.


Virat Kohli will soon break Tendulkar’s record and our HEART 

Sachin Tendulkar has excelled in crafting many unbelievable cricket records. These records have sanctity attached to them. Tampering with this sanctity will surely disappoint many ardent cricket fans. Gen-Z may not understand these sentiments attached to the records but surely older generation does.


"Pathaan" is full of clichés and hence the Trailer SUCKS

Now the time to overload green screen and chroma shooting. Almost all (or be honest just ALL) the scenes are shot using greenscreen. None of the action scenes look original. These chromatic scenes have all the Fast and Furious (sarojini nagar ki Fast and Furious)


#GetOutRavi Trends. Another Governor - State Govt Tussle. BJP v Tamil Nadu.

It is important to mention here that Governor in a state is appointed by Central Government which is formed by BJP government. In Tamil Nadu BJP has always faced a political fiasco because of their “Hindi imposition” policy. 


Why Aryan Khan dating Nora Fatehi interests Society?

The intent of the article is not to be a sleuth and go for thorough investigation of relationship between the two. The idea is to explore as to why these types of news hit the good amount of space in news item. You put the tragedies and struggle of common masses the algorithm will disappoint you.


BJP's Unconstitutional Move may Checkmate AAP (Delhi Mayor Row)

The MCD House comprises 250 elected councillors. The BJP's seven Lok Sabha MPs from Delhi and the AAP's three Rajya Sabha MPs and 14 MLAs nominated by the Delhi Assembly Speaker will also participate in the elections to the posts of mayor and deputy mayor.


Railway versus Haldwani or is it again Hindu versus Muslim?

We have taken excerpts of two polar opposite views on this. For this purpose we have gone through article some of the bi polar opposite ideologies. We’ve left it on our users to decide on their views. 


Shark Tank S02 badly missing Ashneer Grover. Viewers say show become dramatised.

Ashneer Grover, founder of BharatPe, became a fan favourite after the hit first season, thanks to his no-nonsense on-screen persona and general meme-ability.


Justice Nagarathna's Dissent in Demonetisation Case Matters. 

Very creditable & courageous for the junior most & only woman judge on this bench, Justice Nagarathna to dissent & hold that the exercise for the Note ban was arbitrary & without proper application of mind


Why Brazil’s new President is good news for the world, especially environment lovers.

Conservation of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest has long been a priority of Lula’s. His first two terms saw a more than 70 percent drop in the rate of deforestation there, and his government pushed for wealthier countries to fund climate mitigation efforts. After deforestation reached a fifteen-year high under Bolsonaro, many are hoping that a third Lula administration will turn it around.


Rishabh Pant Passed Away at 25 in Car Accident?

The fatal accident happened at Narsan in Haridwar district, about 90km from Dehradun. The vehicle went up in flames moments later and was reduced to a mangled, simmering heap.


All About Vikas Divyakirti Controversy? Why #BanDrishtiIas is trending on Twitter?

Drishti IAS, a popular UPSC coaching centre in Delhi, has been receiving flack from netizens since friday morning. #BanDrishtiIAS has been trending on Twitter after a video of UPSC coach Vikas Divyakirti went viral. In this video, Vikas Divyakirti is seen making allegedly offensive remarks while teaching the Sanskrit epic Ramayana to his UPSC students.


Kejriwal's Lakshmi-Ganesh statement to lure voters in Gujarat?

This time Kejriwal is taking a rant from both right wing and left wing politician leaders. Left wings are claiming that Kejriwal’s party is rapidly turning into a radical hindutva party. Whereas right wing politicians are criticising him for hypocrisy as in the past his party was known for altogether different political spectrum. 


The politics over "Firecrackers" and forgotten essence of "Diwali".

As we have been witnessing in the past few decades how the festival has been commercialised at a large scale. We realise the festive season when we see large billboards of corporate discounts. The festival ambience propels us to go to market and spend thriftily on clothes, gadgets and other things. For big corporates the festive season is the opportunity to extract maximum money/


T-20 WC : India-Pakistan Match : Historical Trivia and a bad news

The hue and cry of the match can be assessed from the advertising rate. The recent clash between the cricket boards of India and Pakistan, the Diwali festival season, and the convenient timing of the encounter between the South Asian nations on Sunday afternoon have pushed up advertising rates for the Men’s T20 World Cup match in Melbourne, Australia.


Events and controversies that led Hans Neimann to file $100 million lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen.

Carlsen is considered by many, including himself, to be the greatest chess player of all time, but lost to Niemann in an in-person game in September. As per the Chess Boss Neimann was not paying attention to the game and was moving at a rapid speed in a classical match. Hans defeated him with ease. This is all the evidence that has been stated by Magnus Carlsen.


Will Indian Origin Rishi Sunak be UK’s new Prime Minister?

Truss, who came under fire for her disastrous economic plan, took a complete U-turn after she announced her resignation, only 24 hours after saying she is not a “quitter” and would continue to fight.


Expectations and Challenges for New Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge.

This could be termed as an easy win for Kharge which was also expected given the proximity with the Gandhi family. He celebrated the victory with all the dancings. The challenges that lie for him are herculean. While maintaining the status quo is easy, the biggest challenge before Kharge now is to transform the party to reconnect with the people and start winning elections again.


Why Congress needs Shashi Tharoor more than Mallikarjuna Kharge?

Tharoor has been vociferous critic of Modi government and its policies. He also wrote a famous book “Paradoxical Prime Minister”. His command over the English language make sures his opinion gets amplified to non-hindi region including north-eastern and southern states. He also has good experience of holding important central government portfolios.


Gukesh D beats Carlsen : 16 year old Indian Prodigy beats Carlsen in Aimchess Rapid Tournament

With this feat Gukesh has become the youngest player to defeat the “ultimate chess boss” breaking the previous record of Praggnanandhaa. He beat Carlsen at the age of 16 years 4 months 20 days in the Aimchess Rapid. He overtook Praggnanandhaa’s record set on February 20 in the Airthings Masters. Pragg was 16 years 6 months and 10 days old back then.


News that won't be there in your Prime Time : India's slips further in Global Hunger Index, 2022

Media or the institutional godi media, largely funded by Adani and Ambani, have unleashed their brigade reverberating the official statement of the government doubting its credibility. The same media praise to the skies when any report depicts improvements in government working. Then neither the government nor the media will doubt its credibility.


The Discom distress

Over the years, the discoms have accrued many upstream dues, i.e., it is not only the gencos that the discoms owe money to. There are primarily four reasons why they have not been able to pay their dues: (Read More)

reserve-bank-of-india (1).png

What’s up with BNPL (Buy now pay later)?

With easy approval and interest-free installments, there is a fear of overborrowing and overspending. Sounds familiar? A similar situation was the backbone of the 2008 financial crisis. The availability of easy credit can lead to higher rates of spending and thus, inflation. At current interest rate levels, higher inflation is the last thing that is needed in the economy.


Is the Recession a necessity?

If we look at the current state of many economies worldwide, it is pretty evident that the high rates of inflation threaten to nullify the growth in real GDP. There is just too much money sloshing around in the economies. The worst outcome of quantitate easing is wasteful resource allocation.


The Debt fueled growth of the world

For the past decade, government debt increased manifolds but at the same time, the interest rates were at an all-time low. Due to lower real interest rates, investors were prompted to look for riskier and more rewarding investments.


Effect of Media Coverage during War

There is no doubt about a pre-existing debate about the legit restriction towards a liberal right. During the 1999 Kargil War, Barkha Dutt, a senior news reporter, and journalist were involved in a controversy. She allegedly reported live from a ‘secret’ Tiger Hill operation.


The Case of the Indian Rupee.

A decline in demand, due to capital outflow, and an increase in supply, due to an increase in crude oil prices, have caused the INR to depreciate at a rapid pace and further strengthened the dollar.


A.R. Rahman to officially release song for upcoming Chess Olympiad, 2022 in Chennai.

AR Rahman will be seen in a music video for the upcoming Chess Olympiad, 2022. The shoot of the song was in Napier bridge in Chennai which was decorated for the event. Alongside AR Rahman, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin will also be seen.


Where is the "drugs uproar of media" against Adani?

The unanswered questions are: Can any port allow anything to be imported through them? Why the machinery of the Central government did not check the entry of contraband drugs through these ports? It also shows that it is possible for black listing of the containers from some countries.


Northeast in Monsoon: Raining money and the way forward.

The alleged amount of money, reportedly to be involved in the scam is estimated to be around multi-crore Indian National Rupees. As per available information, the State Government has sanctioned a sum of Rs 4.15 crore during the financial year of 2016-2017 as a relief measure for the flood-hit families of the respective areas.


Kaali Poster Controversy : - So much wrong with majority's fragile "religious sentiments".

In the poster shows a woman dressed as a Hindu goddess smoking a cigarette, with a pride flag in the background. This drama is not just limited to this particular incident involving religion. Any expression of religious-based ideology which slightly goes against the narrow interpretation kicks off the storm.


Will the arrest of Alt-New co-founder proceed to another media trial in the country?

There is no doubt that a need for an organization like Alt News is the need of the hour, but the involvement of controversy has yet again taken it to a stage of media trial, as a precedent. People are divided in their opinion [HM3] with some following the hashtags like #IStandWithZubair and condemning, while other call it a necessary step was taken in order to secure justice.


Cryptocurrency: Need for regulatory laws.

No single body of law is there to regulate the crypto market in India. There are countries where cryptocurrency has been legalized or banned, they had taken at least a stand on one side, but India has taken no steps to formulate a law policy regarding cryptocurrency. It has neither made it a legal tender nor banned it.


Anti-defection laws vis-a-vis Maharashtra political crisis

Here, the reason given by Shiv Sena to form their government and get separate from Uddhav Thackeray was that the party from the time of Babasaheb Thackeray used to follow Hindu ideology but the present government including Uddhav Thackeray didn’t support that ideology rather used to go against it. Anjali Sharma


Eulogy to Uddhav Thackeray from someone who dissents Shiv Sena.

Uddhav Thackeray has the genesis of the far-right party shiv sena, the party known for operating on majoritarian impulse and Hindutva sentiments. Shiv Sena has always been on top of the radar of 'left intellectual criticism' for its vociferous anti-minority manoeuvres. But when Uddhav submitted his resignation he has the emotional backing of the same intellectual wing.


Is there more to horrific Udaipur incident and Snowballing Communalism?

Such horrific acts won't stop until our Government steps in and takes measures to stop instances of communalism. But the issue is our government won't sustain for long if such issues are tackled and dealt with. In all probability, our government won't take any measures to harmonise different religious faith. Rather, they will keep building the manufactured narratives for their political benefits.


Uddhav's government is tittering on the brink of falling down. Are we heading towards 'Hindutva State of India'?

Our country is failing in almost every indicator be it health, education, global hunger index, human development index etc. The priority of this ' identity protector' has never been these important indicators. There is virtually no focus on all the issues concerning the welfare of the citizens.


With Draupadi Murmu - BJP played the “pro-adivasi card” to camouflage its “Hindutva-Corporate Agenda”

It is expected from Draupadi Murmu, being the probable next president, to not allow corporate-hindutva ravaging of Adivasi forest. She hails from tribal background and immaterial of her political affiliation she must strive for the constitutional rights of Adivasis in India.



The write-up is not a news report about the devastation brought by the Assam floods. The idea is to raise doubt about our priorities. When millions of Assam citizens have been displaced by the natural calamity our mainstream news channels have been busy in their regular polarising business.


CHESS OLYMPIAD, 2022 - Prospects of chess in India and Eulogy to Vishy Anand

A decade back it was very difficult for someone in India to professionally pursue the sports given the exorbitant fee of coaching and other training materials. But in present time with a single click you can watch live matches of World Champion “Magnus Carlsen” and check the commentary by experts.

ThePhilox - Journey to the Unexplored Narratives.jpg

Journey to the Unexplored Narratives: Brain Behind Newly Constituted Media “The Philox”

On our platform we intend to create documentaries, reporting and propagating content in a manner which will keep our viewers glued to our platform.